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LittleHorse OSS, which can be found on our GitHub, contains all of the LittleHorse functionality. It is an enterprise-ready workflow engine that can scale to the largest workloads while meeting the most strict security requirements when deployed on premise.

Additionally, it is licensed according to the Server-Side Public License, meaning that any organization may use LH OSS in production without consequence so long as their product is not LittleHorse-as-a-Service but rather a different product powered by LittleHorse.

This section is intended to give the community the information that they need in order to successfully run LittleHorse in production.

In addition to reading the docs, we recommend that you join our Slack Community, and please ask any questions there and raise issues on our GitHub.


If you would like professional support service for LittleHorse OSS, contact the LittleHorse Enterprises LLC team at or visit our website. Alternatively, LittleHorse Enterprises provides a managed on-premise service (LH Platform) and a fully-managed cloud service (LH Cloud) for LittleHorse.